The 2019 IEEE International Conference on Soft Robotics (RoboSoft 2019) will be held in Seoul Korea, April 14~18, 2019. The venue for RoboSoft 2019 is the COEX that is a Korea’s most fabulous world-class convention center. Over 200 exhibitions, conventions, and special events are held at the COEX each year. In its spacious exhibition halls and various meeting rooms, the COEX accommodates everything from small company size conferences to world- class summit meetings and international conventions.
Soft robotics is a recent exciting trend of robotics, taking the challenge of using soft materials and deformable structures for building robots, with high potential for impact in science and in applications. Given the young and fast growing area and the lively interdisciplinary community that grew around soft robotics, the RoboSoft international conference aims at presenting recent progresses in this field, for discussing new science, new technologies and new opportunities for applications.
Karoline von Häfen
Festo, Germany
Daniela Rus
Taeghwan Hyeon
Seoul National University, Korea
Metin Sitti
Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Germany
Soft robotics is a new and vibrant trend of robotics, which exploits soft materials and deformable structures to push the boundaries of robot abilities and increase the impact of robotics in science and in real-world applications. The RoboSoft international conference is the second edition of the IEEE-RAS International Conference in Soft Robotics which will be held in COEX, Seoul, Korea, from April 14 to April 18 ( On April 18, The RoboSoft Competition 2019 invites teams to test the design and control of their robots in challenging scenarios. The competition will showcase novelties of soft robots like resilience, body compliance, delicate contact and deformability. The RoboSoft Competition 2019 is made of scenarios which approximate real-world robot applications. Specific parts of the scenarios require peculiar robot features which were never requested in other competitions so far, such as body shrinking, delicate contact and compliant manipulation. Three different scenarios are proposed: a terrestrial race, a manipulation ground, and a wearable demo. The submission of the pre-evaluation material for the RoboSoft Competition 2019 is approaching (Extended to March 6, 2019) so take this opportunity to join us at the competition and at the Second Edition of the IEEE-RAS International Conference on Soft Robotics. Information about the rules of the competition and technical documents are available here. If you have queries, feel free to reach at


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