The RoboSoft Competition 2019 invites teams to test the design and control of their robots in challenging scenarios. The competition will showcase novelties of soft robots like resilience, body compliance, delicate contact and deformability. The RoboSoft Competition 2019 is made of scenarios which approximate real-world robot applications in three different domains. Specific parts of the scenarios require peculiar robot features which were never requested in other competitions so far, such as body shrinking, delicate contact and compliant manipulation.
Terrestrial Race
The robot is deployed in an environment which comprises several obstacles to be negotiated to reach, as fast as possible, the end of the scenario. This scenario simulates an urban area (comprising an unstable building) which is not accessible by humans: the robot should be deployed far from the building, then it should go inside it passing through a small aperture and negotiate the environment to reach the end of the scenario.
In a structured environment, the robot should interact with several objects featuring complex shapes and different, possibly fragile materials. This may represent industrial, surgical or domestic scenarios where the robot is required to manipulate particular objects, handling food, or move materials.
Wearable Challenge
The team will perform a free demo of their device, with the modality they prefer, in front of an evaluation panel. Within the demo, innovative aspects should be properly highlighted. The panel will following ask technical question on the solution presented and on the methodology used for its development.
The competition will take place at COEX, Seoul, Korea on April 18, 2019. A preliminary schedule of the competition is shown in the following table:
1st Place for Terrestrial Race
Loco-Sheet, Seoul National University
2nd Place for Terrestrial Race
SoftHover, University of Cambridge
3rd Place for Terrestrial Race
SRBL, Seoul National University
1st Place for Manipulation
Sticky Gripper, University of Cambridge
2st Place for Manipulation
HMSG, Seoul National University
3rd Place for Manipulation
VSG, Seoul National University
1st Place for Wearable Challenge
LIRO, Seoul National University
2nd Place for Wearable Challenge
The USC Robotic Forearm Orthoses, University of Southern California
3rd Place for Wearable Challenge
Wearable Master, KAIST